X-ACTO High Volume Commerical Electric Pencil Sharpener, Model 41, Beige

Price: $209.80 - $52.64

The X-ACTO Model 41 Commerical Electric Pencil Sharpener features the most powerful sharpening capabilities of any sharpener in the X-ACTO catalog. Engineered to be dependable day after day, this sharpener combines smart sharpening technology with rugged construction for high-volume environments. Designed for continuous use, it utilizes dual hardened helical cutters to efficiently sharpen pencils to fine point tips. A powerful electric motor delivers reliable sharpening power, while an Auto-Reset feature and internal fan prevents the motor from overheating and damage. PencilSaver technology eliminates oversharpening to extend pencil life and minimize waste. The X-ACTO Model 41 Commerical Electric Pencil Sharpener is designed to serve schools and commercial environments with ease.Commercial-grade pencil sharpener for high-volume environments
Dual helical cutters sharpen pencils with precision
Efficient electric motor provides reliable power
PencilSaver technology eliminates oversharpening and extends pencil life
Auto-Reset and SafeStart help protect sharpener and user

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